Presenting: Labyrinth Audio!

It comes with overwhelming pride to introduce the world to Labyrinth Audio! Conveniently located in Peabody, MA, we offer a myriad of affordable, world-class recording services which are certain to fulfill your creative endeavors.

We highly recommend checking out the various pages of for more info. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Thick Witch rev 1.0 PCBs

First batch of PCBs. Next step is to order parts.




Weaklings Tracking


Negative Nixon bass tracking

Here’s a shot of what we used for bass on the most recent Negative Nixon session!

“Woolen Heart” by Cameron Moretti

Engineered/Produced by Keith Gentile @ Labyrinth Audio. Produced by Cameron Moretti. FFO: Leonard Cohen, Morphine, Black Heart Procession, etc

Lilith releases new EP recorded at Labyrinth Audio

Super proud of these guys for finishing their long awaited debut LP!!! Download or stream for free!!